I bring to you a whole expose on my art story. 

My influences. My pains. My pleasures. And my Conquests.

What makes me and stuff without which I am nothing.

I invite you to anticipate it. And when it eventually comes revealed, enjoy it understandingly. Peace!


About me



Ayoola is a multi-talented artist with interest in landscapes, figures and the words in between. Started painting in 2017 since 1996 after he completed studying Fine Arts at the Yaba College of Arts & Technology, Nigeria with specialty in Graphic design. He holds a MSc in Marketing Communication from Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester. When not painting, Ayoola is out having fun with family or friends playing tennis, bowling or just seeing non-exotic places



So why Visual Art? On one hand, Ayoola creates art and literature to release the tension that would otherwise have shortened his lifetime. On the other, he paints to celebrate the beauty in a world full of vile hate and negativity. He believes that livening faces through art and poetry is a life worth living.

Projects and Exhibitions


The Mancunian State Exhibition came up  summer 2018 Manchester for 3 days  at Ulster Gallery, Irish World Heritage Centre. Nearly half of all works were sold. 10% of all sold works went to BoothCentre (a local charity looking after homeless people in Manchester)

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